Joyful Gate

This sitting in Zazen is not learning Zen meditation.  It is simply the peaceful and joyful gate of Dharma. It is the practice-and-experience which perfectly realizes the state of bodhi. The Universe is conspicuously realized and restrictions and hindrances never reach it. To grasp this reason is to be like a dragon that has found water, or like a tiger in its mountain stronghold. Remember, the right Dharma is naturally manifesting itself before us, and darkness and distraction have dropped away naturally.

Fukan-zazengi (Universal Guide to the Standard Method of Zazen)

Dogen_portraitEihei Dōgen (1200-1253)


Published by Kokuu

Novice Zen priest and haiku poet. I am a tea drinking father to three teenagers living in Kent, UK. I have a chronic illness and far too many books. Sometimes I grow plants.

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