This is the blog of Andy Kokuu McLellan.  I started meditating in my teens but left spiritual exploration behind in favour of academic study.  After becoming ill with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) in 1995 I turned back to meditation to help deal with the physical, emotional and mental issues of long-term illness.

In my 40s now with three teen and pre-teen children I live in rural Kent near Canterbury and practice Shikantaza (‘just sitting’) meditation as part of my Sōtō Zen practice, working with Jundo Cohen and the sangha at Treeleaf Zendo.  Studying the writings of Eihei Dogen is also part of my practice as is engagement with environmental issues and social justice.  Aside from that I drink a lot of tea and think deep thoughts such as “what is for dinner?”.  I took Jukai (lay ordination) with Jundo in January 2014  being given the dharma name Kokuu (黒烏 ‘black crow’).  Previously I studied with Ken McLeod of Unfettered Mind and Geshe Tashi Tsering of Jamyang Centre in London.  The life and poems of the Zen hermit Ryōkan are a constant source of inspiration, as are the writings of Gary Snyder and Peter Matthiessen.

This blog exists to explore ideas relating to Zen, meditation, health and other aspects of spiritual practice.  I have two other blogs dealing with my haiku writing and local meditation group.

I hope you enjoy reading what is here.




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