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One of the members of our Zen community ended her life in a hospice and wished for some dharma to listen to during her final days.

In response, I recorded several readings of Buddhist sutras and Zen teachings, and have since added more with the hope that they may be helpful to others who wish to listen to dharma for any reason, and especially for those who experience difficulties with physical reading.

At present I have the following texts available for listening on my You Tube channel and hope to add to these over time:

Mahayana Sutras

The Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra (Skt. Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya Sūtra, Jp. Hannya Shingyo)
The Diamond Sutra (Skt. Vajracchedikā Prajñāpāramitā Sūtra)

Lotus Sutra chapter 25 (The Universal Gateway)

Zen Foundational Texts

Fukanzazengi (Instructions for Zazen) by Eihei Dōgen
Hōkyō Zammai
(Song of the Precious Mirror Samadhi) by Dongshan Liangjie (Jp. Tōzan Ryōkai)
Hsin Hsin Ming (Verses on Faith Mind) by Jianzhi Sengcan (Jp. Kanchi Sōsan)
Sandokai (The Identity of Relative and Absolute) by Shitou Xiqian (Jp. Sekitō Kisen)
Song of the Grass Roof Hermitage by Shitou Xiqian (Jp. Sekitō Kisen)
Song of Zazen by Hakuin Ekaku
(Thirty Verses on Mind Only) by Vasubandhu
Zazen Yojinki (Notes of What to be Aware of in Zazen) by Keizan Jōkin


Shobogenzo by Eihei Dōgen

Shobogenzo Ango (The Practice Period)
Shobogenzo Bendowa (The Wholehearted Way)
Shobogenzo Busso (The Buddhist Patriarchs)
Shobogenzo Bodaisatta Shishibo (Four Elements of a Bodhisattva’s Social Relations)
Shobogenzo Genjokoan (Realizing the Fundamental Point)
Shobogenzo Hokke-Ten-Hokke (The Flower of Dharma Turns the Flower of Dharma)
Shobogenzo Ikku-No-Myoju (One Bright Pearl)
Shobogenzo Jukai (Receiving the Precepts)
Shobogenzo Ju-Undo-Shiki (Rules for the Hall of Heavy Cloud)
Shobogenzo Kajo (Everyday Life)
Shobogenzo Katto (The Complicated)
Shobogenzo Keisei-Sanshiki (The Voices of the River Valley and the Form of the Mountains)
Shobogenzo Maka-Hannya-Haramitsu (Mahā-Prajnā-Pāramitā)
Shobogenzo Mitsugo (Secret Talk)
Shobogenzo Raihai-Tokuzui (Prostrating to the Attainment of the Marrow)
Shobogenzo Sansuigyo (The Sutra of Mountains and Water)
Shobogenzo Senjo (Washing)
Shobogenzo Shisho (The Certificate of Succession)
Shobogenzo Shoaku-Makusa (Not Doing Wrongs)
Shobogenzo Shoji (Birth and Death)
Shobogenzo Soku-Shin-Ze-Butsu (Mind Here and Now is Buddha)
Shobogenzo Uji (Being Time)
Shobogenzo Zenki (All Functions)

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