Dayi Daoxin

(Daii Doshin) 580-651  The Fourth Patriarch

Daoxin founded a monastery in Huangmei near Broken Top Mountain which is thought to be the first full monastic community in Bodhidharma’s lineage.  Huike and Sengcan both lived in monasteries established by other Buddhist traditions.  A need to remain economically independent is likely to have required agricultural activity on behalf of the monks and this practice of farming was followed by other monasteries.

Daoxin is thought to have been the first Zen ancestor to mix Bodhidharma’s teachings with those of other Buddhist schools and he is credited with bringing the bodhisattva precepts into Zen as well as including both the Lankavatara Sutra and Prajnaparamita sutras as influential scriptures and initiating the practice of chanting in this tradition.

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