These are some chants and prayers which are recited daily in many Sōtō Zen centres and temples all over the world. For more, see here, under ‘V’.

Robe Verse (Takkesage)
Verse of Atonement (Sangemon)
Four Vows (Shigu seigan mon)
The Heart Sutra in Japanese and English (Hannya Shin gyo)
The Identity of Relative and Absolute (Sandokai)
Evening Gatha (Han no ge)
Dedication (Eko)

For a deeper understanding of these chants, and the role of ritual and ceremony in Zen practice, I recommend the following books:

Bringing the Sacred to Life – John Saido Loori (Shambhala, 2008)
Living by Vow – Shohaku Okumura (Wisdom, 2012)
Zen Chants – Kaz Tanahashi (Shambhala, 2015)

For understanding the Heart of Wisdom Sutra, I would recommend these two books, as well as Living By Vow (above):

The Heart of Understanding – Thich Nhat Hanh (Parallax, 1988)
The Heart Sutra – Red Pine (Counterpoint, 2005)

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