Traditional Zen Writings

These traditional Zen teachings are by Chinese and Japanese Ch’an/Zen teachers within the Caodong/Sōtō lineage and still widely read today for their expression of Zen practice and understanding.

Two Entrances and Four Practices (Ninyū Shigyō Ron) by Bodhidharma
Faith in Mind (Xin Xin Ming) by Jianzhi Seng’can (d. 606)
The Song of the Grass Roof Hermitage (Cao-an ge) by Shitou Xiqian (600-690)
Yongjia’s Song of Enlightenment (Shōdōka) by Yongjia Xuanjue (665–713)
The Song of the Precious Mirror Samadhi (Hōkyō Zanmai) by Dongshan Liangjie (807-869)
Universally Recommended Instructions for Zazen (Fukanzazengi) by Eihei Dōgen (1200-1253)
Notes of What to be Aware of in Zazen (Zazen Yojinki) by Keizan Jōkin (1268–1325)
Samadhi of the Self (Jijiyū-Zanmai) by Menzan Zuihō (1683-1769)

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