Zen Talks and Podcasts

I learn a lot from listening to talks and podcasts from established Zen and Buddhist teachers.  It is, of course, not a substitute for practice but an addition to it.  Audio teachings serve two purposes for me – to inform and to inspire.

These talks and podcasts are ones I have found particularly helpful.

Zen Podcasts

Ancient Dragon Zen Gate

Everyday Zen Foundation (this has an excellent study guide which collects teachings into subject areas)

San Francisco Zen Center (including Tassajara and Green Gulch Centers)

Treeleaf Zendo

Upaya Zen Center

Village Zendo (Enkyo O’Hara)

Zen Mountain Monastery (teachings from the Mountains and Rivers Order of John Daido Loori – a mixed Sōtō/Rinzai Zen school)

Non-Zen Buddhist Podcasts

Dharma Seed

Unfettered Mind

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