Online Talks, Podcasts & Services


If you are unable to get to a place of Zen practice, there are many options online for listening to talks and even sitting with other people and being part of Zen services and Zazenkai.

These are talks and services which I have found useful in my own practice.

Zen Talks and Podcasts

Ancient Dragon Zen Gate  (Taigen Dan Leighton)

Everyday Zen Foundation (Norman Fischer and others.  This has an excellent study guide which collects teachings into subject areas)

San Francisco Zen Center (including Tassajara and Green Gulch Centers)

Sokuko-Ji (Sokuzan Brown)

Treeleaf Zendo (Jundo Cohen)

Upaya Zen Center (Roshi Joan Halifax and others)

Village Zendo (Enkyo O’Hara)

Zen Mountain Monastery (teachings from the Mountains and Rivers Order of John Daido Loori – a mixed Sōtō/Rinzai Zen school)

Zen Novia Scotia (Koun Franz)

The Zen Studies Podcast (Domyo Burk) is an excellent series of talks which set out the Sōtō Zen path in detail over a number of episodes.

Non-Zen Buddhist Podcasts

Dharma Seed

Unfettered Mind


Sokuko-Ji (MI, USA) has a daily service broadcast on You Tube at 7am EST (12pm UK time). They also offer book study sessions via Zoom.

Treeleaf Zendo (Tsukuba, Japan) has a weekly Zazenkai broadcast on You Tube and Zoom at 10am Saturday Japan time (9pm Friday EST/2am Saturday UK time).  More sittings can be accessed through their website and calendar.  Treeleaf also offers a fully online Zendo with an authorised teacher, dharma instruction and chance to be part of a dedicated Sōtō Zen sangha.

The Zen Studies Podcast of Domyo Burk has the option of group sittings via Zoom on Wednesday through Saturday each week.

Sutra Readings

My You Tube channel of readings of Buddhist Sutras and Zen Teachings.


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